What’s New in (unreleased) Halotools v0.7?

Halotools v0.7 is currently under development. The latest release is v0.6, which can now be installed with conda or pip. New features currently be developed for future release v0.7 are summarized below. See Full Changelog for details on smaller issues and bug-fixes. See Version v0.x release history for full release history information.

New Utility Functions

Rotations, dot products, and other 3d operations

There are many new functions in halotools.utils subpackage related to spatial rotations in three dimensions:

Probabilistic binning

The fuzzy_digitize function in halotools.utils allows you to discretize an array in a probabilistic fashion, which can be useful for applications of conditional abundance matching.

Estimation of Conditional Probability Distributions

The sliding_conditional_percentile function in halotools.utils calculates Prob(< y | x) for any arbitrary distribution of two-dimensional data. This function can be used to estimate, for example, quantiles of galaxy size as a function of stellar mass, and also should be useful in applications of conditional abundance matching.

New Mock Observables

Inertia Tensor calculation

The pairwise calculation inertia_tensor_per_object computes the inertia tensor of a mass distribution surrounding each point in a sample of galaxies or halos.

API Changes