Full Changelog

0.9 (unreleased)

0.8.2 (2023-06-30)

0.8.1 (2022-09-28)

  • Include command-line scripts for halo catalog downloads that were omitted from v0.8 release

0.8 (2022-09-25)

0.7 (2020-1-29)

  • Added new matrix_operations_3d module in the utils subpackage that contains Numpy functions related to three-dimensional rotations.

  • Added new inertia_tensor_per_object function in mock_observables that calculates the inertia tensor for a set of points and masses in a periodic box.

  • Added new option for the marked correlation functions to accommodate counting pairs of points passing a variable merger ratio criteria

  • Added fuzzy_digitize function to utils sub-package.

  • Added sliding_conditional_percentile function to utils sub-package.

  • Added new resample_x_to_match_y function to halotools.utils.

  • Renamed old implementation of conditional_abunmatch to conditional_abunmatch_bin_based

  • Added new bin-free implementation of conditional_abunmatch.

  • Added new utils function bijective_distribution_matching

  • Added new load_um_binary_sfr_catalog function to load SFR catalogs from UniverseMachine into memory

  • Added new return_indexes feature to conditional_abunmatch function. See https://github.com/astropy/halotools/pull/913.

  • New function mean_delta_sigma replaces old delta_sigma function. See #955.

0.6 (2017-12-15)

0.5 (2017-05-31)

  • Added SubhaloPhaseSpace class for modeling HOD-style satellite velocities with subhalos.

  • The Lbox attribute of all Halotools halo catalogs is now stored as an array of length 3 instead of a scalar.

  • Fixed bug in multi-threaded calculations using npairs_per_object_3d function.

  • Added empirical_models.abunmatch sub-package providing conditional abundance matching functionality

  • Fixed bug in mock population when using the seed keyword, resolving Issue #672, https://github.com/astropy/halotools/issues/672.

  • Added mock_observables.hod_from_mock convenience function to calculate the HOD from a mock galaxy sample

  • Performance enhancements to marked correlation functions

  • Fixed bug in mock_observables.pair_counters.npairs_s_mu that impacted mock_observables.s_mu_tpcf

  • Added Zu & Mandelbaum 2015 and Zu & Mandelbaum 2016 HOD models

  • Modified internals of mock_observables.delta_sigma function, including an API change by removing the pi_max argument. Additionally included new mock_observables.delta_sigma_from_precomputed function to compute the results from a set of pre-computed pairs. See https://github.com/astropy/halotools/pull/696.

  • Fixed factor of 2 error in tpcf_multipole, resolving https://github.com/astropy/halotools/issues/651

  • Complete refactoring of the halotools/empirical_models/phase_space_models. No changes to either the API or behavior of any associated classes or functions.

  • Addition of two new classes halotools.empirical_models.BiasedNFWPhaseSpace and halotools.empirical_models.SFRBiasedNFWPhaseSpace for NFW satellites with biased concentrations and Jeans solutions.

  • The gal_types attribute of HODModelFactory-produced models is now sorted so that centrals always appears before satellites. This new default behavior is more common for interdependent occupation models, where satellite abundance depends upon central galaxy characteristics, rather than the other way around. See https://github.com/astropy/halotools/pull/729

  • Added new keyword arguments to return_xyz_formatted_array function enabling application of redshift-space distortions for galaxy samples at higher redshift. Previously, the user needed to do this manually). Default behavior of this function is unchanged, provided users had not locally modified the sim_defaults module to have set default_redshift greater than zero.

0.4 (2016-08-11)

  • All models now support an optional seed keyword argument, allowing for deterministic Monte Carlo realizations of models. As a result of this feature, it is now mandatory that all user-defined models obey a new constraint. Any function appearing in the mock_generation_calling_sequence must now use the kwargs Python syntax to catch any additional inputs passed to these functions by the MockFactory.

  • Added relative_positions_and_velocities function to mock_observables

  • Fixed little h bug in the Behroozi10SmHm class. This impacts the Leauthaud11Cens and Leauthaud11Sats classes, as well as the leauthaud11 composite model.

  • Fixed bug in mock_observables.pair_counters.npairs_per_object_3d. See https://github.com/astropy/halotools/issues/606.

  • New counts_in_cells sub-package in mock_observables

  • HodMockFactory has new estimate_ngals feature

  • Fixed buggy behavior for two-point functions called for logical branch do_auto=True, do_cross=False

  • Performance enhancement of isolation_functions by 50% - 300%, depending on numerical regime.

  • Updated all catalogs to version_name=``halotools_v0p4``, resolving the bug pointed out in https://github.com/astropy/halotools/issues/598.

  • Performance enhancement of npairs_s_mu function by 10-100x after cleaning cython engine of python objects.

0.3 (2016-06-28)

  • Removed distant_observer_redshift function from mock_survey module

  • Removed -march=native compiler flag to resolve installation problems on some architectures

0.2 (2016-06-09)

  • Halotools is now Python 3.x compatible

  • Halotools mock_observables package has been given a complete overhaul, adding many new cythonized engines and pair counters (listed below). Functions are 30% - 50x faster, depending on numerical regime. Overhauled engines include velocity_marked_npairs_3d, velocity_marked_npairs_xy_z, npairs_per_object_3d, npairs_s_mu, npairs_jackknife_3d, npairs_projected, npairs_xy_z, npairs_3d, marked_npairs_3d and marked_npairs_xy_z

  • Added new utils.crossmatch function

  • Added new mock_observables.radial_profile_3d function

  • All isolation_functions now return boolean is_isolated rather than its inverse has_neighbor

  • Fixed a bug in mock_observables.delta_sigma. See https://github.com/astropy/halotools/issues/523

  • Fixed bug in mock_observables.tpcf_jackknife. See https://github.com/astropy/halotools/issues/513

  • Deleted mock_observables.nearest_neighbor function

0.1 (2016-03-13)

  • Initial release