class halotools.empirical_models.TrivialPhaseSpace(cosmology=FlatLambdaCDM(name="WMAP5", H0=70.2 km / (Mpc s), Om0=0.277, Tcmb0=2.725 K, Neff=3.04, m_nu=[0. 0. 0.] eV, Ob0=0.0459), redshift=0.0, mdef='vir', halo_boundary_key=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Profile of central galaxies residing at the exact center of their host halo with the exact same velocity as the halo velocity.

\(P(\vec{x}_{\rm cen}, \vec{v}_{\rm cen}) = \delta^{(6)}(\vec{x}_{\rm halo}, \vec{v}_{\rm halo})\).

cosmologyobject, optional

Astropy cosmology object. Default is set in sim_defaults.

redshiftfloat, optional

Default is set in sim_defaults.

mdef: str

String specifying the halo mass definition, e.g., ‘vir’ or ‘200m’. Default is set in model_defaults.

Methods Summary

assign_phase_space(table, **kwargs)

Methods Documentation

assign_phase_space(table, **kwargs)[source]