What’s New in Halotools v0.6?

Halotools v0.6 is now available for installation with conda and pip. New features are summarized below. See Full Changelog for details on smaller issues and bug-fixes. See Version v0.x release history for full release history information.

Quick Installation Verification

It is now much faster to verify successful installation of the latest version of halotools. After installing the code, you can now run a targeted subset of unit tests, rather than the entire test suite:

import halotools

New Mock Observables

Radial distances and velocities

There are new functions in the mock_observables sub-package that calculate element-wise radial distances and velocities, radial_distance and radial_distance_and_velocity.

Jackknife error estimation

New functions wp_jackknife and rp_pi_tpcf_jackknife give jackknife error estimation for the wp and rp_pi_tpcf functions.

Weighted pair counts as a function of (s, mu)

New halotools.mock_observables.pair_counters.weighted_npairs_s_mu function gives weighting option for counting pairs in (s, mu) space.

Utility functions

Matching two distributions for statistical comparison

The halotools.utils.distribution_matching_indices function Monte Carlo resamples one distribution until it matches another.

API Change

  • The npairs_s_mu function now has a change to the meaning of the mu_bins input argument. This argument should now be interpreted as the conventional mu=cos(theta_LOS) instead of mu=sin(theta_LOS).