What’s New in Halotools v0.7?

Halotools v0.7 is now available for installation with conda and pip. New features are summarized below. See Full Changelog for details on smaller issues and bug-fixes. See Version v0.x release history for full release history information.

New Utility Functions

Probabilistic binning

The fuzzy_digitize function in halotools.utils allows you to discretize an array in a probabilistic fashion, which can be useful for applications of conditional abundance matching.

Estimation of Conditional Probability Distributions

The sliding_conditional_percentile function in halotools.utils calculates Prob(< y | x) for any arbitrary distribution of two-dimensional data. This function can be used to estimate, for example, quantiles of galaxy size as a function of stellar mass, and also should be useful in applications of conditional abundance matching.

New Mock Observables

Inertia Tensor calculation

The pairwise calculation inertia_tensor_per_object computes the inertia tensor of a mass distribution surrounding each point in a sample of galaxies or halos.

API Changes

Bug Fixes

See issues tagged with the v0.7 milestone for a complete list of all bug fixes and changes.