Tutorials on analyzing galaxy catalogs

By following this tutorial, you will learn how to use Halotools to analyze a mock galaxy catalog. We will proceed by giving a series of increasingly complex examples. Each example is in principle stand-alone, so that you can pick and choose from any of the pages below according to the kind of analysis you are most interested in. In cases where material covered in a previous example is necessary to understand some aspect of one of the more complicated later calculations, a link to the previous example will always be provided.

Basic examples

Each of the examples in this section gives a specific demonstration of how to perform a straightforward calculation on a mock galaxy catalog. By reading through these examples, you will gain a working knowledge of all the major functions in the mock_observables package.

cross-matching galaxy and halo catalogs

galaxy properties as a function of halo mass

galaxy clustering

galaxy group identification

velocity statistics

void statistics

isolation criteria

Intermediate examples

Each of the examples in this section gives a demonstration of more complex calculations you can perform with the mock_observables package.

isolation criteria