Installing Halotools using a virtual environmentΒΆ

If you use conda to manage your python distribution and package dependencies, it is easy to create a virtual environment that will automatically have compatible versions of the necessary dependencies required by Halotools. By installing into a virtual environment, you will not change any of the packages that are already installed system-wide on your machine. In the example below, we will use conda to create a virtual environment with all the dependencies handled automatically:

conda create -n htenv python=3.9 halotools=0.8 h5py ipython jupyter matplotlib

In order to activate this environment:

conda activate htenv

Or, alternatively, you can install the latest master branch by following the Building from source instructions.

Any additional packages you install into the htenv virtual environment will not impact your system-wide environment. Whenever you want to do science involving Halotools, just activate the environment and import the code. When you are done and wish to return to your normal system environment:

conda deactivate