Using and Generating Halotools-Formatted Catalogs

All of these can be imported from halotools.sim_manager.

CachedHaloCatalog(*args, **kwargs)

Container class for the halo catalogs and particle data that are stored in the Halotools cache log.


Class used to transform a user-provided halo catalog into the standard form recognized by Halotools.

Reading and Reducing Halo ASCII Data

RockstarHlistReader(input_fname, ...[, ...])

The RockstarHlistReader reads Rockstar hlist ASCII files, stores them as hdf5 files in the Halotools cache, and updates the cache log.

TabularAsciiReader(input_fname, ...[, ...])

Class providing a memory-efficient algorithm for reading a very large ascii file that stores tabular data of a data type that is known in advance.