halotools.empirical_models.smhm_binary_sfr_model_dictionary(prim_haloprop_key='halo_mpeak', smhm_model=<class 'halotools.empirical_models.smhm_models.behroozi10.Behroozi10SmHm'>, scatter_level=0.2, redshift=0.0, sfr_abscissa=[12, 15], sfr_ordinates=[0.25, 0.75], logparam=True, **kwargs)[source]

Dictionary to build a subhalo-based model for both stellar mass and star-formation rate.

Stellar masses are based on Behroozi10SmHm by default. SFR-designation is binary and is based on an input quenched fraction as a function of some halo property such as virial mass. In particular, SFR designation is determined by interpolating between a set of input control points, with default behavior being a 25% quiescent fraction for galaxies residing in Milky Way halos, and 75% for cluster galaxies.

Since smhm_binary_sfr_model_dictionary does not discriminate between centrals and satellites in the SFR assignment, this model is physically unrealistic and is included here primarily for demonstration purposes.

prim_haloprop_keystring, optional

String giving the column name of the primary halo property governing the galaxy propery being modeled. Default is set in the model_defaults module.

smhm_modelobject, optional

Sub-class of PrimGalpropModel governing the stellar-to-halo-mass relation. Default is Behroozi10SmHm.

scatter_levelfloat, optional

Constant amount of scatter in stellar mass, in dex. Default is 0.2.

redshiftfloat, optional

Redshift of the halo hosting the galaxy. Used to evaluate the stellar-to-halo-mass relation. Default is set in sim_defaults.

sfr_abscissaarray, optional

Values of the primary halo property at which the quiescent fraction is specified. Default is [12, 15], in accord with the default True value for logparam.

sfr_ordinatesarray, optional

Values of the quiescent fraction when evaluated at the input abscissa. Default is [0.25, 0.75]

logparambool, optional

If set to True, the interpolation will be done in the base-10 logarithm of the primary halo property, rather than linearly. Default is True.

thresholdfloat, optional

Stellar mass threshold of mock galaxy catalog. Default is None, in which case the lower bound on stellar mass will be entirely determined by the resolution of the N-body simulation and the model parameters.


Instance of SubhaloModelFactory


>>> from halotools.empirical_models import SubhaloModelFactory
>>> model_dictionary = smhm_binary_sfr_model_dictionary()
>>> model_instance = SubhaloModelFactory(**model_dictionary)