Source code for halotools.utils.io_utils

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from time import time
import sys
import urllib

__all__ = ["file_len", "download_file_from_url"]

[docs] def file_len(fname): with open(fname) as f: for i, l in enumerate(f): pass return i + 1
[docs] def download_file_from_url(url, fname): """Function to download a file from the web to a specific location, and print a progress bar along the way. Parameters ---------- url : string web location of desired file, e.g., ````. fname : string Location and filename to store the downloaded file, e.g., ``/Users/username/dirname/possibly_new_filename.txt`` """ start = time() print("\n... Downloading data from the following location: \n%s\n" % url) print(" ... Saving the data with the following filename: \n%s\n" % fname) def reporthook(blocks_thus_far, bytes_per_block, file_size_in_bytes): try: blocks_in_file = int(round(file_size_in_bytes / bytes_per_block)) printout_condition = int(round(blocks_in_file / 20)) if (blocks_thus_far % printout_condition == 0) & (blocks_thus_far > 0): frac_complete = blocks_thus_far / float(blocks_in_file) runtime = time() - start print( "{0:.0f}% complete, elapsed time = {1:.0f} seconds".format( frac_complete * 100, runtime ) ) except ZeroDivisionError: pass sys.stdout.flush() urllib.request.urlretrieve(url, fname, reporthook)